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Intersectional Neurodiversity Reading Group


Initially the Neurodiversity Reading Group (formerly Neurodiversity Reading Group) met in London (UK), but since March 2020 meetings are online and attendance is international. Below, you can find the schedule with topics, readings and meeting dates - click here for past meetings and readings

MEETINGS ARE NOT TAKING PLACE AT THE MOMENT.  In the past, this group met the 1st and the 3rd Friday of the month (3-4.30pm UK time).

If you want to attend, please find details here how to be added to the mailing list. This also gives you access to the readings.


COMING MEETING​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Meeting 40: ******

Topic: ADHD & academic accommodations

  • Morrison, Aimée. (2019). "(Un)reasonable, (un)necessary, and (in)appropriate: Biographic mediation of neurodivergence in academic accommodations". Biography, 42(3), 693-719. [Open access here]

  • Terry, David P. (2016). "Explanation not excuse: Attention Deficit Disorder, collegiality and coalition". Disability Studies Quarterly, 36(2). [Open access here]



Meeting 41: ******

Topic: ADHD & self-control

  • Koi, Polaris. (2021). "Accessing self-control". Erkenntnis. [Open access here] 

Meeting 42: ******

Topic: ADHD, education/criminalisation & race

  • Staub, Michael E. (2018). "Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Ritalin, and racial politics". The mismeasure of minds: Debating race and intelligence between Brown and The Bell Curve (pp.49-77): University of North Carolina Press. [Paywall here]

  • Heitzeg, Nancy A. (2015). "'Whiteness', criminality, and the double standards of deviance/social control". Contemporary Justice Review, 18(2), 197-214. [Open access here]

Meeting 43: ******

Topic: ADHD & the responsible subject

  • Bowden, Gregory. (2014). "Disorders of inattention and hyperactivity: The production of responsible subjects". History of the Human Sciences, 27(1), 88-107. [Paywall here] 

Meeting 44: ******

Topic: ADHD & aboriginal perspective

  • Loh, Pek-Ru, Hayden, George, Vicary, David, et al. (2017). "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: an Aboriginal perspective on diagnosis and intervention". Journal of Tropical Psychology, 7, e2. [Open access here]

Meeting 45: ******

Topic:  ADHD, eco-pharmacology & neurofeminism

  • Gill-Peterson, Julian. (2016). "Neurofeminism. An eco-pharmacology of Childhood ADHD". In: Victoria Pitts-Taylor (Ed), Mattering: Feminism, Science, and Materialism (pp.188-203): NYU Press.   

Meeting 46: ******

Topic: ADHD, autonomy, systems & Kant

  • Haye, Andres, Matus, Claudia, Cottet, Pablo, et al. (2018). "Autonomy and the ambiguity of biological rationalities: systems theory, ADHD and Kant". Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 39(2), 184-195. [Paywall here]

Meeting 47: ******

Topic: ADHD & ecological understanding of restlessness

  • Helle-Valle, Anna, Binder, Per-Einar, & Stige, Brynjulf. (2015). "Do we understand children's restlessness? Constructing ecologically valid understandings through reflexive cooperation". International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 10(1), 29292. [Open access here]

Meeting 48: ******

Topic: ADHD & minimalism in fiction

  • Jones, Sophie A. (2020). "Minimalism’s attention deficit: Distraction, description, and Mary Robison’s Why Did I Ever". American Literary History, 32(2), 301-327. [Open access here]

  • Robison, Mary (2002). Why Did I Ever: Counterpoint Press. Available here:, or in your local radical bookshop 

Past meetings ND RG



Meeting 1: 19 July 2019

  • Topic: Introducing neurodiversity

  • Readings:

    • Graby, Steve. (2015). “Neurodiversity: bridging the gap between the disabled people’s movement and the mental health system survivors’ movement?”. In: Helen Spandler, Jill Anderson & Bob Sapey (Eds), Madness, distress and the politics of disablement (pp.231-244): Policy Press. [available here]

    • McWade, Brigit, Milton, Damian, & Beresford, Peter. (2015). “Mad studies and neurodiversity: A dialogue”. Disability & Society, 30(2), 305-309. [available here]

Meeting 2: 16 August 2019

  • Topic: Neurodiversity and intersectionality theory

  • Readings:

    • Strand, Lauren Rose. (2017). “Charting relations between intersectionality theory and the neurodiversity paradigm”. Disability Studies Quarterly, 37(2). [available here]

    • Erevelles, N. & Minear, A. (2010). "Unspeakable offenses: Untangling race and disability discourses of intersectionality." Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies, 4(2), 127-146. [available here]


Meeting 3: 20 September 2019

  • Topic: Education

  • Reading:

    • Parekh, Gillian, Brown, Robert S, & Robson, Karen. (2018). "The Social Construction of Giftedness: The Intersectional Relationship Between Whiteness, Economic Privilege, and the Identification of Gifted". Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 7(2), 1-32. [available here]

    • Optional extra: Manning, Erin. (2018). "Me Lo Dijo un Pajarito. Neurodiversity, Black Life, and the University as We Know It". Social Text, 36(3 (136)), 1-24. 

​​​Meeting 4: 18 October 2019

  • Topic: Gender

  • Readings:

    • Winter, Helen, Moncrieff, Joanna, & Speed, Ewen. (2015). "'Because you’re worth it': A discourse analysis of the gendered rhetoric of the ADHD woman". Qualitative Research in Psychology, 12(4), 415-434.​ [available here]

    • Ng, Isla. (2017). "The Digitization of Neurodiversity: Real Cyborgs and Virtual Bodies". Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice, 38(2), 160-170. [available here]

    • Rozsa, Matthew. (2017, 15/03). "LISTEN: Black, female and autistic — hiding in plain sight. Salon talks to Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu of the Autism Women’s Network about race, gender and the spectrum". [interview available here]

Meeting 5: 22 November 2019

  • Topic: Race

  • Reading: 

    • Annamma, Subini Ancy, Connor, David, & Ferri, Beth. (2013). "Dis/ability critical race studies (DisCrit): Theorizing at the intersections of race and dis/ability". Race, Ethnicity and Education, 16(1), 1-31.​ [available here]

    • Onaiwu, Morénike Giwa (2017). "Preface: Autistics of Color: We Exist... We Matter", In: Brown, Lydia XZ, Ashkenazy, E, & Onaiwu, Morénike Giwa. (Eds). All the weight of our dreams: On living racialized autism (pp.TBC). DragonBee Press.

    • Brown, Lydia X.Z. (2014). "Why the Term ‘Psychopath’ is Racist and Ableist", Available at: 

Meeting 6: 17 January 2020

  • Topic: Environment

  • Readings:

    • Gibbons, S. (2017). "Neurological diversity and environmental (in)justice: The ecological other in popular and journalist representations of autism." In S. J. Ray & J. Sibara (Eds.), Disability studies and the environmental humanities: Toward an eco-crip theory (pp. 531-551). London: University of Nebraska Press. 

    • Kafer, A. (2013). "Bodies of nature: The environmental politics of disability," Feminist, queer, crip (pp. 129-148): Indiana University Press.

Meeting 7: 21 February 2020

  • Topic: Queer

  • Reading: McRuer, Robert, & Wilkerson, Abby L. (2003). "Introduction: Special issue 'Desiring disability: Queer theory meets disability studies'." GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 9(1-2), 1-24. [available here]

  • Blog post: Walker, Nick. (2015, 02/05). "Neuroqueer: An Introduction." Neurocosmopolitanism. Available at:


Meeting 8: 20 March 2020

Meeting 9: 17 April 2020

Meeting 10: 15 May 2020

Meeting 11: 19 June 2020

  • Topic: Normativity

  • Readings: 

    • Freedman, Justin E., & Honkasilta, Juho M. (2017). "Dictating the boundaries of ab/normality: a critical discourse analysis of the diagnostic criteria for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and hyperkinetic disorder". Disability & Society, 32(4), 565-588.​ [open access version available here]

    • Huijg, Dieuwertje Dyi. (2020). "Neuronormativity in theorising agency: An argument for a critical neurodiversity approach". In: Hanna Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, Nick Chown & Anna Stenning (Eds), Neurodiversity: A New Critical Paradigm (pp.213-217): Routledge. [paywall available here]

Meeting 12: 17 July 2020

  • Topic: Gender

  • Readings: 

    • Shapira, Shahar, & Granek, Leeat. (2019). "Negotiating psychiatric cisgenderism-ableism in the transgender-autism nexus". Feminism & Psychology, 29(4), 494-513. [paywall available here]

    • Davidson, Joyce, & Tamas, Sophie. (2016). "Autism and the ghost of gender". Emotion, Space and Society, 19, 59–65. [paywall available here]

Meeting 13: 21 August 2020

Meeting 14: 18 September 2020

  • Topic: Saneism

  • Readings: Wolframe, PhebeAnn Marjory. (2012). "The madwoman in the academy, or, revealing the invisible straightjacket: Theorizing and teaching saneism and sane privilege". Disability Studies Quarterly, 33(1). Available at


Meeting 15: 16 October 2020

  • Topic: Fiction

  • Readings:

    • Whitehead, Colson (1999). The Intuitionist. Available on e.g. The Book Depository (here

    • Martinez Benedi, Pilar. (2019). "Where Racial Meets Neuro Diversity: Pondering “Who’s We” in Colson Whitehead’s The Intuitionist". Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, 60(2), 179-190. [paywall available here]


Meeting 16: 20 November 2020 -- This meeting was cancelled

Meeting 17: 18 December 2020


Meeting 18: 15 January 2021

  • Topic: Neurodiversity studies

  • Readings:

    • Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, Hanna, Chown, Nick, & Stenning, Anna. (2020). "Introduction". In: Hanna Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, Nick Chown & Anna Stenning (Eds), Neurodiversity: A new critical paradigm (pp.1-11): Routledge. [paywall available here

    • Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, Hanna, Stenning, Anna, & Chown, Nick. (2020). "Neurodiversity studies: Proposing a new field of inquiry". In: Hanna Bertilsdotter-Rosqvist, Nick Chown & Anna Stenning (Eds), Neurodiversity: A new critical paradigm (pp.226-229): Routledge. [paywall available here]


Meeting 19: 19 February 2021

  • Topic: Methods: participatory action research and Photovoice

  • Reading:

    • Lam, Gary Yu Hin, Holden, Emily, Fitzpatrick, Megan, et al. (2020). "’Different but connected’”: Participatory action research using Photovoice to explore well-being in autistic young adults". Autism, 24(5), 1246-1259. [paywall available here]  


Meeting 20: 19 March 2021

  • Topic: Neurobehaviourism

  • Reading: 

    • Sjöberg, Mattias Nilsson. (2018). "Toward a militant pedagogy in the name of love: On psychiatrization of indifference, neurobehaviorism and the diagnosis of ADHD—A Philosophical Intervention". Studies in Philosophy and Education, 37(4), 329-346. [open access available here

Meeting 21: 16 April 2021

  • Topic: Inclusive education

  • Reading: 

    • Liasidou, Anastasia. (2012). "Inclusive education and critical pedagogy at the intersections of disability, race, gender and class". Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, 10(1), 168-184.  [open access available here]  


Meeting 22: 21 May 2021

  • Topic: Applied Behavioral Analysis

  • Reading: 

    • Roscigno, Robin. (2019). "Neuroqueerness as fugitive practice: Reading against the grain of Applied Behavioral Analysis scholarship". Educational Studies, 55(4), 405-419. [paywall available here]

Meeting 23: 18 June 2021

  • Topic: Methods: co-production

  • Reading:

    • Schormans, Ann Fudge, Allan, Heather, O’Neil Allen, Donavon, et al. (2019). "Research as activism? Perspectives of people labelled/with intellectual and developmental disabilities engaged in inclusive research and knowledge co-production". In: Maria Berghs, Tsitsi Chataika, Yahya El-Lahib & Kudakwashe Dube (Eds), The Routledge Handbook of Disability Activism (pp.354-368): Routledge.​ [paywall available here]  

Meeting 24: 16 July 2021

  • Topic: Communication

  • Reading:

    • Woodfield, Casey L, Katherine, Vroman, Seybert, Jenn, et al. (2020). "“It would be simpler to see success without dominating discourse of ability”". Critical Education, 11(14), 31-53. [open access available here]

Meeting 25: 20 August 2021

  • Topic: Disabled capital

  • Readings: Berezin, Jared David. (2014). "Disabled Capital: A Narrative of Attention Deficit Disorder in the Classroom Through the Lens of Bourdieu’s Capital". Disability Studies Quarterly, 34(4). Available at 

Meeting 26: 17 September 2021

  • Topic: Away from phenomenological psychopathology

  • Reading: Fernandez, Anthony Vincent. (2020). "From Phenomenological Psychopathology to Neurodiversity and Mad Pride: Reflections on Prejudice". Journal of Critical Phenomenology, 3(2), 19-22. [open access available here]

Meeting 27: 15 October 2021 

  • Topic: Race & dyslexia

  • Reading: Hoyles, Asher, & Hoyles, Martin. (2010). "Race and dyslexia". Race Ethnicity and Education, 13(2), 209-231. [paywall available here]

Meeting 28: 19 November 2021 

  • Topic: Clumsiness meets dyspraxia

  • Readings:

    • Morris, Katherine J. (2010). "The phenomenology of clumsiness". In: Katherine J Morris (Ed), Sartre on the Body (pp.161-182): Springer.

    • Emma Warren (2020). “When contemporary dance meets dyspraxia” [Blog post], Wellcome Collection. Available at

Meeting 29: 17 December 2021

  • Topic: ADHD, class & distress

  • Readings: Pond, Emily, Fowler, Ken, & Hesson, Jacqueline. (2019). "The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Psychological Distress in Canadian Adults With ADD/ADHD". Journal of Attention Disorders, 23(9), 940-948. [paywall available here]

Meeting 30: 21 January 2022, 3-4.30pm (UK time)

  • Topic: Homelessness & dyslexia

  • Readings: Macdonald, Stephen J. (2015). "‘The invisibles’: Conceptualising the intersectional relationships between dyslexia, social exclusion and homelessness". In: Tom Shakespeare (Ed), Disability research today: International perspectives (pp.112-132): Routledge. [paywall available here]

Meeting 31: 18 February 2022

  • Topic: Autistic concepts of sex/gender

  • Readings: Jack, Jordynn. (2012). "Gender copia: Feminist rhetorical perspectives on an autistic concept of sex/gender". Women's Studies in Communication, 35(1), 1-17. [paywall available here]

Meeting 32: 18 March 2022

  • Topic: Motion & place; space & Tourettes

  • Readings: Davis, Kat Kleman, Davis, Jeffrey Sasha, & Dowler, Lorraine. (2004). "In motion, out of place: the public space(s) of Tourette Syndrome". Social Science & Medicine, 59(1), 103-112. [paywall available here]

Meeting 33: 15 April 2022

  • Topic: Neurodiversity & high-concussion

  • Readings: Clegg, D., & Rocha, S. D. (2018). Contrasting Political Ontologies of Neurodiversity in High-Concussion-Risk Rural Cultures. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 33(1). [Open access available here]


Meeting 34: 6 May 2022

Topic: ADHD adults, language & social media

  • Guntuku, Sharath Chandra, Ramsay, J Russell, Merchant, Raina M, et al. (2017). "Language of ADHD in adults on social media". Journal of Attention Disorders, 23(12), 1475-1485. [Paywall here]

  • Thelwall, Michael, Makita, Meiko, Mas-Bleda, Amalia, et al. (2021). "'My ADHD hellbrain': A Twitter data science perspective on a behavioural disorder". Journal of Data and Information Science, 6(1), 1-22. [Open access here]

    • This older article might also be of interest: Alharbi, Rabab S. (2017). "ADHD in 140 characters or less: An analysis of Twitter commentary on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Saudi Arabia". Universal Journal of Educational Research, 5(12), 2186-2195.  [Open access here]

Meeting 35: 20 May 2022

Topic: ADHD & temporal dimensions 

  • Stenner, Paul, O'Dell, Lindsay, & Davies, Alison. (2019). "Adult women and ADHD: On the temporal dimensions of ADHD identities". Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 49(2), 179-197. [Open access here]

  • Nielsen, Mikka. (2017). "ADHD and Temporality: A Desynchronized Way of Being in the World". Medical Anthropology, 36(3), 260-272. [Paywall here

Meeting 36: 3 Jun 2022

Topic: ADHD, disablement & Eric Fromm

  • Veck, Wayne. (2012). "Reflecting on attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder and disablement in education with Eric Fromm". Disability & Society, 27(2), 263-275. [Paywall here]

Meeting 37: 17 Jun 2022

Topic: ADHD & feminism

  • O'Donnovan, Maeve. (2010). "Feminism, disability, and women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder". Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society, 1(1/2), 29-54. [No link available] 

BREAK: 1 July & 15 July 2022

Meeting 38: 29 July 2022

Topic: Mind-meandering & ADHD methodology

Meeting 39: 5 Aug 2022

Topic: ADHD & being a behavioural problem

  • Casella, Ronnie, & Page, Mitch. (2004). "The institutional context of being a behavioral problem". Disability Studies Quarterly, 24(2). [Open access here]


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