Spin-off events


Intersectional Pain & Distress Reading Group  


Between March and May 2021 we had a three month trial of the Intersectional Pain & Distress Reading Group. Rather than continuing this, it was decided to have more readings on pain and distress in the two existing reading groups:


Meeting 1: 12 March 2021

  • Topic: Undercurrent of pain

  • Reading: Khetarpal, Abha, & Singh, Satendra. (2021). "Disabled lives with an undercurrent of pain". In: Deborah Padfield & Joanna M Zakrzewska (Eds), Encountering pain: Hearing, seeing, speaking (pp.300-314): UCL Press. [Open access here]​

Meeting 2: 9 Apr 2021

  • Topic: Social model of madness and distress

  • Reading: Beresford, Peter, Nettle, Mary, & Perring, Rebecca. (2010). Towards a social model of madness and distress? Exploring what service users say. [Report] York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Available here: https://www.basw.co.uk/system/files/resources/basw_14405-2_0.pdf  We will read pp.16-28 (Chapter 2-4)

Meeting 3: 14 May 2021

  • Topic: Colonial trauma

  • Reading: Dhanvantari, Sujaya. (2020). "The violent origins of psychic trauma: Frantz Fanon's theory of colonial trauma and Catherine Malabou's concept of the new wounded". Journal of Critical Phenomenology, 3(2), 33-53. [Open access here]​