Feminist Perspectives on

Neurodiversity and Neuronormativity  ​


29 January 2021

The online symposium '​Feminist Perspectives on Neurodiversity and Neuronormativity', held on 29 January 2021,​ was organised by the Intersectional Neurodiversity Reading Group, in collaboration with the Feminist Studies Association.

From the nine presentations, there are seven video recordings. For this, you can click on the link below in the programme, or you can go directly to our YouTube channel.



Panel 1


Narratives of Gendered Violence and Neurodivergent Survivors

Morrigan Hunter, Portland State University


Neuronormative Perspectives and Women with Sickle Cell Disorder

Myrle Blaine, University of Derby


Gender Panic and Autistic Childhood

Dr.des. Toby Atkinson, Lancaster University



Panel 2


Who Cares if Neurodivergence “Makes” us Queer?

Alyssa Hillary Zisk, University of Rhode Island


Autistic Disruptions, Trans Temporalities: A Narrative “Trap Door” in Time

Dr Jake Pyne, York University


Voice (less)? How do Memoirs (On-line and Off-line) by Autistic People Challenge Feminist Concepts and Methods Relating to Voice?

Prof Anna Reading, King’s College London



Panel 3


“Your Father was a Computer”: Exploring how Autism became Associated with White Technocratic Masculinity in the Mid-20th Century

Elizabeth Maher, University of Illinois at Chicago

An Intersectional Reading of Work on Neurodivergent Spatialities

Dr Eric Olund, University of Sheffield


‘Tools, Tips and Tricks’: An Analysis of Gendered Neuronormativity in Self-Help Literature About and For ADHD Women

Dr Dyi Huijg, University of Roehampton