Find here a list of related groups, networks and events that, one way or another, also engage with neurodiversity and disability (including chronic illness and madness), and research, analysis, and/or knowledge creation and distribution - if they do so from an intersectional perspective, this is mentioned. (The list is alphabetically organised)

CCrAMHP  (Critical and Creative Approaches to Mental Health Practice) – Lancaster

  • "For all who are passionate about sustaining creative and critical practice in mental health, in situations that can feel constrained (hence our group name!). Open to service user/survivors, carers, mental health practitioners, students, educators, researchers and others with an interest in engaging in discussion and debate, reciprocal learning and support. Through reading together, viewing films and getting into conversation we share critical and creative ideas and develop strategies for putting them into practice." [Blurb from the website]

  • Region: Lancaster, UK

  • Link website:

Disability & Intersectionality Summit

  • "The Disability & Intersectionality Summit (DIS) is a biennial national conference that centers the multiple oppressions that shape the lived experiences of disabled individuals, as told by disabled people, in a setting organized by disabled activists. DIS aims to create dialogue on how our society must address systemic oppressions using an intersectional approach. The conference centers the experiences and knowledge of multiply marginalized disabled people such as, queer disabled people of color, undocumented transgender disabled people, or formerly incarcerated disabled people among others." [Blurb from the website]

  • Region: mostly USA / North America

  • Link website:

Mad Studies Group Birmingham

Narratives of Neurodiversity Network (NNN)

  • "The Narratives of Neurodiversity Network (NNN) is a group of academics, creatives, and individuals from all over the world, who have gathered to explore the cultures of neurodiversity. We started life as the 'Neurodiversity and Literature Network' but quickly agreed that we wanted to expand beyond the literary world into narratives of all forms - film, TV, podcasts, music, video games, etc - essentially, any form of creative media that in some way tells a story of neurodiversity. We hold regular 'Salon' reading/watching group meetings where we'll gather to discuss specific narratives of neurodiversity. " [Blurb provided]

  • Region: mostly UK

  • Link network:

Neurodiversity In/& Creative Research Network


Other Ways to Care

  • "Other Ways to Care is a collective that emerged around the will to imagine care alternatives drawn out of activist and collective practices that confront, discuss and move beyond the neoliberal project, or in other words the increasing privatisation and individualisation of mental health care. We draw inspiration from minor psycho-political histories and from politically and socially situated practices of care which operate beyond the medical model and technological models of health and distress." [Blurb from the website]

  • Region: 

  • Link website:

Queer Disability Studies Network

  • The network aims to "provide a space for collaboration and feedback between queer disability studies academics and activists; to allow for the generation of trans/queer affirmative ideas that can inform disability studies theory and practice; and to support opposition to trans exclusionary ideas, within our institutions and more widely." [Blurb from the website]

  • Region: UK/international

  • Link website:

RMIT Mad Studies Network

  • "The RMIT Mad Studies Network brings together anyone interested in Mad Studies, mad ideas, critical thinking about mental distress, the politics of ‘mental health’, the mental health consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement and alternatives to the contemporary mental health paradigm/system. Currently, our main activity is a monthly reading group – based at RMIT University, Melbourne" [Blurb from the website.] The RG meetings are online. 

  • Region: Australia and beyond

  • Link website: