You are invited to attend the Intersectional Neurodiversity Reading Group and/or the Intersectional Disability Reading Group. The reading groups are intended for academics, students, and activists and community members who are interested in reading and discussing intersectional academic texts on neurodiversity and/or disability. Both groups are neurodivergent-led and disabled-led. Find more info here 

We also organise, as and when, spin-off events, such as conversations about specific topics and webinars. Find more info here.

All events organised by the reading groups follow, where applicable, the same ground rules and facilitation, communication and access guidelines. Attendance assumes agreement. Although available to the public, they are private initiatives.


Intersectional Disability Reading Group

Meetings: 1st Friday every month, 3-4.30pm (UK time)

Meeting dates & readings: click here​​

  • Next meeting is Fri 6 Aug. Theme: (Non-)objectivity and the DSM-III

Intersectional Neurodiversity Reading Group

Meetings: 3rd Friday every month, 3-5pm (UK time)

Meeting dates & readings: click here

  • Next meeting is Fri 16 Jul. Theme: Communication

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